aronsonOur company had been using Symantec’s Q&A database system since the early 90’s when we began searching last year for a modern replacement product.

We initially focused on industry-specific packages. But it was clear that our expansive 12-database Q&A system would require a custom software solution. We did our research and decided that Sesame would be our best choice.

Evaluating our options for a developer/programmer to assist us with the migration, we decided to work with Tom Marcellus/Marble Publications. Tom was editor and publisher of The Quick Answer Q&A newsletter which we subscribed to for many years, and his company has been publishing the Inside Sesame newsletter for the past 10 years. So there was no question about his expertise with both programs.

The migration to Sesame performed by Tom was a positive experience for us and he has continued to be responsive to our needs. Our new system is giving us everything we need and we have been able to add to it ourselves as new requirements have come up.

We would happily and highly recommend Tom’s company for any Q&A migration or custom Sesame programming.

—Andrew Aronson
Aronson Alarm