Q&A Database Conversion Service


We can extract the data from any Q&A database to a format that’s importable into programs such as Microsoft Access, Excel or Outlook.

  1.  You send us the database (the .dtf and .idx files),
  2. We perform the extraction according to your needs, then
  3. Send you the export file, ready for you to import into your  program or use as a Microsoft Word or other word processor mail merge file.

image7Complete Conversion

Most companies we work with have us do a complete Q&A system migration.

We can perform an A-to-Z conversion — forms, data, reports, macros, programming, merge documents — migrating your entire Q&A system to a database manager such as Microsoft Access, FileMaker, Sesame, Alpha Five or other database manager* —providing a comprehensive modern replacement system.

* Conversions to Sesame are typically less costly because Sesame has certain key compatibilities with Q&A. Also, it’s easier for Q&A users to become comfortable with Sesame because it uses most of the common Q&A shortcut keys (F10, F9, F7, etc.) and because it uses the same search methods and search syntax as Q&A.

Q&A Forms

Q&A for Windows databases can contain multiple forms, such as a Master form, a Main Menu form, a data entry form and one or more search forms. The database might also contain scripts (macros) that link the various forms into a kind of application. If you have a Q&A for Windows application, we can convert it for you and retain its capabilities.

Reports and Other Custom Features

Reports and other custom features such as programming, macros, saved specs, batch posting, restrict values, initial values, and field templates may incur additional conversion charges.

testimonialsDatabase Fields and Matching Data Types

Basic conversion converts all Q&A database fields to matching data types (Text, Number, Date, Yes/No, etc.)

Data entry forms are converted to match both the look and flow of your familiar Q&A forms.

If you’ve been having any problems with the database such as data or records disappearing, reports that won’t run, recurring error messages when performing some operations, inform us in advance. (Please don’t send us a database you know is damaged, thinking that it will all “work out okay” in the end. This will only delay the conversion process and could result in costs beyond what we would normally charge to isolate and repair the damage in advance of conversion.)

Post-Conversion Checks

During our post-conversion check, we compare before-and-after record counts as well as sample the records in the converted database and compare them with the same records in the Q&A database to ensure that the conversion process correctly transferred all the data. We guarantee that all of your data will be 100% faithfully converted.


The Conversion Process

We work with you to ensure that you don’t experience any down time or learning issues.

  1. We convert copies of your databases while your people continue working in your Q&A system.

  2. At key milestones, we demonstrate progress to you over a remote connection. You’ll be able to give us your input, make changes, request additional features and so on.

  3. When we’re done, you arrange for your people to take a week or so to become familiar with (“play with”) the new system before going live with it.

  4. When your people are comfortable with the new system, on a Friday afternoon of your choice, you send us fresh copies of your Q&A databases. We migrate all your current data into the new system and send you the new up-to-date files that weekend.

  5. You begin working in your new system first thing on Monday morning.


Minimum charge of $125 for data export/extraction services. Minimum charge of $300 for conversion services on a single small database with little or no customization. Larger jobs are quoted at a job rate once we’ve evaluated the database(s). Payments on large conversion projects (multiple databases in a system) are normally arranged on an installment basis. Turnaround time can be from two to five working days — longer on a large Q&A system. Rush jobs may incur additional charges. An advance will be required to begin work. The balance will be due when the job is largely complete (as demonstrated to you over a remote connection) and ready to send to you. Payment can be made by company check or major credit card. (Credit card payments require a formal purchase order and incur a 3% processing fee.)

A Sight-Unseen Ballpark Estimate

For each database, tell us:

  • Which version of Q&A it is,
  • How many fields are in the database,
  • How many of those fields are memo or notes fields with extensive text,
  • The number of records in the database,
  • The number of reports
  • If you use Q&A macros, mailing labels or merge documents with your system, and
  • Whether you have experienced any problems with the database, such as Q&A error messages appearing routinely or occasionally.

Also, describe any new features you’d be interested in, such as additional fields, special field formatting, field validation, initial values, reports, programming, lookups, pop-up picklists, dropdowns, buttons, read-only fields, date pop-ups, color-coding and the like. Our conversion estimates can include existing reports, macros, saved specs (Print, Mass Update, Posting, etc.), Q&A merge documents, mailing labels and the like if requested.

For advanced conversion jobs that may include re-creating the Q&A programming, field restrictions, reports and the like, we will have to evaluate the Q&A database before giving you a firm quote. If the database system is extensive and complex, there may be an evaluation charge. If you have us perform the work, this charge will be deducted from our conversion charge.


Don’t hesitate to email or call us at 800-780-5474 if you have any questions about any of the above. Someone is normally here even on weekends to answer questions about database or document conversions.